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Making the journey together with grace 


Our Story

Stephen and Tiffany met at a church in Houston, Tx that Stephen was playing for once he moved back home from college. After Tiffany was chosen for a song from the choir stand a friendship grew into a love story. 

Stephen Saunders was born in Kansas City, Kansas but spent most of his life in Houston, Texas. He graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Information Technology (IT). Stephen is an entrepreneur and owner of Christian Accompaniment Tracks and Alpha SEO, INC.


Tiffany Saunders is a native of Houston, Tx and proud graduate of graduated Prairie View A&M University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as Special education. She would later go on to receive a degree in School Counseling from Lamar University and become a school counselor. Currently, Tiffany is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern (LPC-I). Tiffany grew up in a home where her father abused drugs and alcohol and was both verbally and physically abusive to her mother. She didn't see many strong or successful relationships growing up but longed for true love. After they were married, Tiffany revealed to Stephen that when she first saw him she heard the holy spirit tell her that he would be her husband. 

Tiffany and Stephen are both passionate about motivating and encouraging married couples to stay together. They have been married for 18 yrs and have two children 18 and 16 yrs of age. Tiffany and Stephen genuinely enjoy spending time together and believe the key to their happiness is their love and reference of Christ.

Why Marriage Coaching

When we think about our life's journey growing up there was always a coach along the way guiding us through (i.e., school, church, college, career). Depending on your environment this coaching either provided the support you needed to move through that phase of your life or stifled you. Marriage is the one area where once you say, "I do" you are start a new journey with another person on your own.   

Coaching is an informal relationship between and experienced person or couple that provided guidance, training, and motivation, to married couples and their specific personal goals.

Pre-Marriage Coaching

For couples who are seriously considering making a lifetime commitment together.

Coaching activities may include:

Discovering each others goals, values, and vision

Uncovering emotional and compatibility concerns

Understand the unique differences and unique contributions of their partners personality 

Marriage Coaching

For married couples who have a specific goal that they want to achieve in their marriage to aid in its success.

Coaching activities may include:

Understanding the unique differences and unique contributions of their partners personality

Building positive and stronger communication within the union

Strengthening trust, intimacy, and love

Marriage Coaching vs Counseling -- What is The Difference And How Can It Benefit Us?

Love conquers all. It is a saying that most couples are intimately familiar with, but married couples often have painful experiences that expose the holes in this saying. While some serious issues can drive a couple apart, the slow effects of time on a relationship can be equally devastating. While love may bind you and your spouse together initially, a marriage is a lifelong relationship that must be dynamic. Life is constantly changing, and marital bonds often require more than love alone to remain strong and connected. 

A marriage in trouble is simply a relationship with significant issues that the couple cannot resolve on their own. The unfortunate reality is that the stress and distance that these issues create can magnify over time, and they may eventually grow to the point that they seem insurmountable. Both counseling and coaching offer essential benefits to couples who are dealing with a wide range of issues. However, coaching and counseling are different in their approach and processes. Because of this, there are times when coaching may be preferable over counseling, and vice versa.

For a relationship in trouble, there is not a clear and easy path toward resolution. Instead, the couple will need to work hard to overcome challenges, put pieces back together and take other essential and often difficult steps. A marriage counselor focuses on a very specific issue in the relationship. The couple brings the counselor a specific complaint, and the counselor guides the couple toward a resolution. With this approach, there may be pressure to place blame or to accept blame for something that has already happened. There may also be a push to accept a solution that one or both spouses may not feel comfortable with. Counseling may be a reasonable solution for a marriage that is impacted by mental health issues, specific behavioral issues and other factors that likely have a clear path toward resolution. 

While a counselor assists with coping with problems that have already happened, a marriage takes a forward-thinking approach. There is a focus on letting go of things that have already happened and improving the couple’s relationship going forward. From a sports perspective, coaching implies improving skills and changing strategies as a team so that the team as a whole can improve. The dynamics of each team are unique based on the strengths and weaknesses of the team members. This holds true in a marriage as well. A marriage coach helps the couple to identify their strengths and weaknesses so that they can evolve together in a stronger and more cohesive way. There is no finger pointing. Instead, there is a strong push toward improving as a unit. Through marriage coaching, communication can improve. The couple may have a better understanding of each other’s motivations and needs. They can change their trains of thought so that they are more productive and positive. 

How to Know If Your Marriage Is in Trouble 

Your marriage may clearly be in trouble if you find yourselves arguing or bickering frequently. Arguments and bickering often stem from a failure to connect or to agree. In some cases, one or both spouses may withhold information in an effort to avoid disagreements or because they know that their spouse would not approve of something. This may even include major secrets related to concealing assets or debts from your spouse or having an emotional or physical extramarital affair. 

However, there are many signs of a marriage in trouble that are less obvious. Some couples may get along fine, but their marriage has lost the spark of intimacy. If this is the case, you may feel as though you are living with a roommate rather than with someone who you are romantically linked to. This can extend beyond your sex life. The couple may have grown so far apart that they no longer have mutual interests. They must find a way to grow back together and to reconnect. 

A healthy, happy union is rooted in open, honest communication. Intimacy and respect are essential components as well. Many of the signs that indicate that your marriage is in trouble are serious and can cause tremendous emotional stress, broken trust and other issues in the marriage. You and your spouse may be so consumed by emotion that you cannot see a path forward. Through marriage coaching online, you can view your marriage through the eyes of a compassionate, skilled individual who has your best interests at heart. The couple can be coached to see the larger picture, to look for a healthy path toward resolution that meets the needs of both spouses and to improve communication. With a look toward the future rather than the past, the couple can learn strategies and skills to be more emotionally connected, compassionate and respectful. The couple will move together toward improving their relationship. 

 When both spouses are willing to work together to strengthen the relationship, marriage coaching online can be a truly beneficial resource. If you are still unsure about whether a marital coach can be helpful to your relationship, reach out to learn more about the coaching process and its benefits. 



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